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Fundstrat launches digital currency tracker indexes for Bitcoin and alike


Thomas Lee, a Wall Street strategist who predicted that Bitcoin will almost quadruple in value to $20,000 in the next five years, has created five indexes to track Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Lee has launched the software known as FS Crypto FX Indexes under Fundstrat, an independent market and sector research firm that he Co-founded. 

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Tracking as many as 630 different digital currencies, the platform divides them into five groups based on market capitalisation and trade volumes. 

These include the following:

  • FS Crypto 10 – tracks the performance of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • FS Crypto 40 – tracks the performance of cryptocurrencies 11-50.

  • FS Crypto 250 – tracks the performance of cryptocurrencies 51-250.

  • FS Crypto 300 – tracks the largest 300 cryptocurrencies.

  • FS Crypto Aggregate – Tracks the performance of all 630 cryptocurrencies.

The technology is designed to be used by institutional investors in order to better understand the behaviour of crypto-currencies, largely due to their significant volatility. These investors can analyse the data provided and compare the relative performances of each crypto currency, indicating the health of the cryptocurrency market.

With the software being brand new, it is only designed for research purposes as opposed to investment purposes as of now, with Fundstrat reconstituting its algorithms every quarter.

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