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Digital transformation is the top priority for CEOs, says BT and EIU

Digital transformation is the top priority for CEOs, says BT and EIU

Global research from BT and the Economic Intelligence Unit has revealed that digital transformation is the critical priority for CEOs in multinational organisations.

In a survey of 400 CEOs across 13 countries, 40% of respondents say they have digital transformation at the top of their agenda in the boardroom.

Around a quarter of those said that they personally were leading the digital charge, whilst 75% believe that the ability to achieve their strategic objectives will be helped by their specific programmes.

Transformation is not plain sailing, however, with 86% of CEOs commenting that they have encountered challenges whilst trying to deliver the ideal infrastructure on which their digital programmes rely.


Inflexible technology (43%), lack of technology skills (40%), and security concerns (39%) are the main hurdles faced when building digital infrastructure.

Despite recent high-profile cyberattacks, 22% of CEOs view cybersecurity as a "necessary evil" in business. However, it is hopeful that most see security as a key differentiator.

In regards to what technologies CEOs see as the most likely to have a significant impact in the next three years, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile computing and social media come out on top.

Bas Burger, CEO, Global Services for BT, commented: "Our research confirms that digital transformation has become a prevalent topic on the boardroom agenda.

"CEOs all around the world identify the skills shortages, lack of insight into what customers and employees really want or need, and security as the main obstacles to delivering an optimal digital experience."

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