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September issue of Gigabit now live - interview with Sprint CPO Mariano Legaz

September's issue of technology magazine Gigabit is now live - with interviews with Sprint's CPO Mariano Legaz and Philips' Director of Sustainability Markus Laubscher, there's more reason than ever to not miss this!

Sustainability in business can mean anything from efficient procurement to CSR, but for health tech giant Philips, it means all the above and is measured in lives.

We talk to Philips’ Director of Sustainability Markus Laubscher about how his company embraces big data and circular-economic principles.

These efforts are driving down frontline costs and are powering the company’s goal of improving the lives of three billion people a year.

US telco giant Sprint has enjoyed a remarkable turnaround under the guidance of Chief Procurement Officer Mariano Legaz, and is another example of transformation through a focus on sustainability.

Read about five initiatives that allowed the company to return to growth and dramatically shave costs while doing so.

And if there’s any organisation very publicly struggling with its transformation, it’s the UK’s rail network. Part of the answer could be mobile technology, argues GSMA’s Marie Austenaa – and the clues are in India.

Also in this month's magazine, join us on a tour of the top 10 challenger banks disrupting the oldest of industries, and enjoy deep success insights from a truly global range of tech-centric businesses.

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