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69% of businesses have re-evaluated digital transformation initiatives

Company's are regretting digital transformation strategies due to the lack of right technologies

According to new research from SnapLogic, 69% of enterprises have re-evaluated their digital transformation strategies.

The self-service application and data integration firm discovered that 59% of business would approach and conduct their transformation initiatives differently if they had the chance.

40% of the respondents are either behind schedule or have not yet begun their digital transformation projects.

The firm claims that 13% of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) are entirely satisfied with their strategies.


According to SnapLogic, 55% of the companies claim a reliance on legacy technologies and/or a lack of the right technologies was hindering their transformation.

20% of enterprises did not test their projects before launching, and 21% continued to roll out a company-wide digital transformation despite unsuccessful pilots.

“Despite all the noise around digital transformation in recent years, it’s clear from our research that there’s still much work to be done to help organizations be successful,” remarked Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at SnapLogic.

“While some companies may take solace in knowing they are not the only ones struggling, for those of us in the technology industry this is a stark wake up call that we must do a better job advising, partnering with, and supporting customers in their digital transformation journey if we are to ever see the reality of a digital-first economy.”

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