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75% of cybersecurity professionals see the benefits of AI


According to new report from Exabeam, three quarters of cybersecurity professionals believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are beneficial to their roles.

The results came from a survey of 481 security professionals throughout March 2018, gaining incite on the attitudes of key decision makers towards new and emerging technologies.

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Although less than a third are currently utilising AI and ML, 46.4% of respondents to the survey revealed that they are planning to implement these technologies in security practices in the near future.

“Overall, participants believe AI and machine learning can contribute to improved security in their organization,” the report reads. “More than 75% of survey participants agreed that AI and machine learning can help with security, while approximately 5% said that it would not be helpful within their organizations.”

Further, whilst there are positive signs in the way of innovative solutions being leveraged in security networks, 80% of professionals surveyed state that they do not feel that their jobs are under threat from these technologies, and 86% reveal that they would recommend a career as a security analyst to new graduates.


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