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Automation to eliminate 9% of US jobs in 2018, Forrester predicts


In its new research report, “Predictions 2018: Automation alters the global workforce”, technology research specialist Forrester has said that the rise of automated technology and AI will have a huge impact upon US employment throughout 2018.

According to Forbes, within its study, Forrester has forecast that up to 9% of jobs could be lost in the US throughout next year as a result of automation, offset slightly by a 2% growth in jobs supporting the industry.

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Automated solutions have progressively become introduced within a variety of business solutions, with administrative, sales and telephone-based roles coming under significant threat.

However, as a result of the continual advancement of new technologies such as AI, automation and robotics, employment across a greater number of industries and firms is becoming increasingly threatened.

In line with this, Forrester has predicted the addition of 500,000 robotic process automation (RPA)-based jobs to be added to the US economy next year, with the RPA software market expected to double to $1.06bn by the end of 2018.

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