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Baidu and Intel reveal new collaborations in artificial intelligence

Baidu and Intel have outlined new artificial intelligence (AI) collaborations showcasing applications that could disrupt a range of different sectors.

Revealed at the Baidu 2018 ABC Summit in Shanghai, the applications range from solutions for financial services and shipping to video content detection, evidence of further collaboration between the pair.

Specifically, Baidu Cloud is leveraging Intel's processors and neural network as part of a new financial services solution for leading China banks. In shipping, it aims to help companies monitor trucks in real time by increasing efficiency of edge devices to improve shipping operations and report back to the central office on outstanding events.

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"Intel is collaborating with Baidu Cloud to deliver end-to-end AI solutions," said Raejeanne Skillern, Intel vice president, Data Center Group. "Adopting a new chip or optimising a single framework is not enough to meet the demands of new AI workloads.

"What’s required is systems-level integration with software optimisation, and Intel is enabling this through our expertise and extensive portfolio of AI technologies – all in the name of helping our customers achieve their AI goals."

Baidu Cloud and Intel have also set out to develop a new AI storage solution that better meets requirements for performance, size and cost given the large amount of data generated by AI training. By leveraging both Intel Optane technology and Intel QLC Technology, Baidu Cloud is tackling the challenges posed by the massive generation of data and related performance, size and cost requirements.

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