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Bosch, Nvidia, VW, Aquantia and Continental form autonomous vehicle alliance

Autonomous vehicles

Five key technology and automotive players in Bosch, Nvidia, Volkswagen, Aquantia and Continental have partnered up to form the new Networking for Autonomous Vehicle (NAV) Alliance.

With autonomous vehicles (AVs) and connected vehicles (CVs) processing vast amounts of data during operation in order to ensure safety, the core aim of the NAV alliance is to promote, develop and deploy faster networking technologies within next generation vehicles.

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“In-vehicle high speed data communication is the key for faster introduction of new vehicle system architectures as enabler for future vehicle solutions,” said Kurt Lehmann, Corporate Technology Officer, Continental.

The creation of more advanced networking capabilities, particularly with Multi-Gig Ethernet, will allow the existing market and level 5 vehicles to better cope with the impending societal shift that will see AVs/CVs utilised more readily by consumers in the coming years.

“The creation of the NAV Alliance and the focus on Multi-Gig Ethernet will help drive strong industry standards that can ultimately change the role of transportation in society,” said Amir Bar-Niv, Vice President of Marketing for Strategic Markets, Acquantia Corp.

The key goals of the NAV alliance include developing the ecosystem for multi-gig ethernet automotive networking, promoting products and solutions within the market, and educating market place users on the technology.

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