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Boulder named as the world’s fastest rising tech hub

Boulder, Colorado

A new report from SmallBusinessPrices has highlighted the most promising cities across the world to live and work within for those seeking entrepreneurial opportunity, naming Boulder, Colorado as the top rising tech hub.

The cities have been ranked by nine key metrics including average internet speed, the number of startups, and the cities’ infrastructure scores, amongst other factors.

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Boulder has been named top largely due to having the second highest internet speed alongside its abundance of startups and investors, making it a city primed for M&A activity.

Alongside Boulder, the top 10 is as follows:

  1. Boulder, US
  2. Houston, US  
  3. Atlanta, US
  4. St. Louis, US
  5. Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Tel Aviv, Israel
  7. Helsinki, Finland
  8. Jerusalem, Israel
  9. Montreal, Canada
  10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Notably, the research shows that despite the dominance of the US, the presence of a number of eastern cities is showing the growth of technology and business in new regions.

“In a growing industry, tech startups are the future of the business world,” said Ian Wright, CEO of SmallBusinessPrices. “Moving away from cities like Silicon Valley, London, and Tel-Aviv, our research reveals there are several cities across the continents that have the potential to become the technology epicentres of tomorrow.”  

For more information, see the full infographic here.


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