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Daimler, Xilinx to develop automotive AI system

Daimler AG

Leading US semiconductor company Xilinx and Stuttgart-based multinational automotive manufacturing firm Daimler AG have signed a new partnership to develop an in-car AI system.

Powered by Xilinx’s Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform, the smart system will be designed to process and deliver advanced AI-powered automotive applications with high performance and low latency.

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“Through this strategic collaboration, Xilinx is providing technology that will enable us to deliver very low latency and power-efficient solutions for vehicle systems which must operate in thermally constrained environments,” said Georges Massing, Director of User Interaction & Software, Daimler AG.

Xilinx was selected by Daimler due to the firm’s proven track record within the market, having shipped more than 40mn automotive units to manufacturers and suppliers to date.

Further, as part of the collaboration, AI experts from the Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Centers in Germany and India will look to implement their own AI algorithms on Xilinx’s platform.

“We are proud to announce this collaboration with Daimler on advanced AI applications," said Willard Tu, senior director, Automotive, Xilinx.

“Our adaptable acceleration platform for automotive offers industry leaders like Daimler a high level of flexibility for innovation in deploying neural networks for intelligent vehicle systems.”


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