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Experian strikes deal with Dynatrace for its AI-based software intelligence platform

Experian has selected Dynatrace's AI-powered software intelligence platform to automate its cloud operations.

The global information services giant made the announcement as part of its wider strategy to consolidate down to a limited set of strategic IT platforms, in able to evolve its service delivery through simplified cloud.

Dynatrace's platform will auto-discover and monitor business critical applications, processes, services and hosts within Experian's IT infrastructure. Its AI capabilities will deliver precise and actionable root cause analysis of potential performance issues, which will allow the Experian team to work quickly on remediations.

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"When a customer walks in to purchase goods from a department store or applies online for credit, Experian’s data service needs to be delivered with speed and accuracy," said Jonathan Hayes, VP of Global IT Service Excellence at Experian. "We simply can’t slowdown or interrupt the customer experience. That’s why we selected Dynatrace as it will help us enhance service delivery and improve IT productivity through automated IT Operations."

David Shepherd, Service Delivery Manager, Global IT Service Excellence at Experian, added: "The AI paves the way for autonomous operations, enabling us to create auto-remediation workflows that remove the need for human intervention in the resolution of recurring problems. We are consolidating down to a few strategic IT platforms with Dynatrace and ServiceNow at the core to improve productivity through automated processes. Over time Dynatrace will displace several legacy monitoring tools and enable automated deployments."

72 of the companies on the Fortune 100 use Dynatrace to modernise and automate enterprise cloud operations, hoping to ultimately deliver unrivalled digital experiences.



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