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Groupe PSA and SoundHound form partnership for AI and voice recognition technology

Groupe PSA vehicles will be integrated with the smartest AI and voice recognition technology after a strategic partnership with SoundHound was announced.

From 2020, PSA's vehicle brands - which include the likes of Peugeot, Citroen and Vauxhall - will be fitted with SoundHound revolutionary 'Deep Meaning Understanding' technology.

The AI-based solution is able to instantly answer multiple questions asked in a single sentence, and SoundHound is developing voice and AI integration algorithms to tailor its capability to Groupe PSA’s vehicles.

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The digital personal assistant will be able to act on its own to perform a variety of tasks, such as finding a restaurant that meets several criteria (e.g. open on Sunday evening), activating vehicle functions and launching connected services.

With a single voice command, drivers will also be able to simultaneously regulate temperature, ventilation and the direction of air conditioning. Within two years, Groupe PSA says it 'will be rolling out the best conversational experience on the market'.

SoundHound, a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2005, offers a range of different solutions in the voice recognition sector, including Houndify - an independent platform that integrates voice and conversational intelligence into a company's products.

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