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HCL and NetBrain launch joint solution for enhanced network visualisation and automation

HCL and NetBrain launch HCL NetBot to engage superior visibility and automation across IT networks as digital transformation continues to revolutionize network management

Leading tech firm HCL Technologies and network automation company NetBrain Technologies have announced the launch of a joint IT solution to offer enhanced network visibility and automation, HCL NetBot

Part of HCL’s DRYiCE portfolio comprised of AI-based automation solutions for enterprises, NetBot is designed to automate change management, compliance, and security administration for network devices across their lifecycles.

In the press release, HCL said the NetBot launch represented a key advancement in its aim to automate networks across the industry, enhancing flexibility and agility whilst saving firms’ vital resources through self-managing tech.

Kalyan Kumar, Corporate Vice President and CTO of IT Services at HCL, said: 

“DRYiCE products and platforms have traditionally helped our customers transform and simplify their IT operations. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, we intend to consistently deliver quality services and insights to our customers. 

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“This collaboration positions HCL and NetBrain to play a leadership role in the network automation space. The joint proposition offers a blend of workflow-driven, auto-remediation of network incidents through HCL NetBot,” he continued.

NetBot also incorporates NetBrain’s speciality in advanced network mapping, offering end-to-end visibility to IT teams from across their hybrid networks amidst the uptake of automated technology.

“By incorporating the best features of the HCL NetBot-NetBrain integration, enterprises can generate insights through real-time network visualization and implement customized automation workflows that best fit their business needs,” said Lingping Gao, CEO and Chairman of NetBrain.

“This enables them to automate workflows like change, troubleshooting, security, and compliance across the complete network lifecycle.” 


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