Skip to main content launches innovative blockchain-based freelancer platform has launched a blockchain and AI-based freelancer platform to streamline the hiring process and improve service reliability

Global peer-to-peer freelance platform has released an AI-infused, blockchain-based network to significantly streamline and improve the process of searching for and hiring freelancers

In a press release, detailed the limitations of existing search systems regarding locating and hiring the best freelancers for the task at hand, namely that search engine firms do not use their wealth of user data to improve the social communication at the heart of the hiring process and often charge as middlemen for the service.

By combining blockchain and AI technology, believes its new platform offers a fix for this “misapplication and inefficiency” of user data by offering a decentralized peer-to-peer source of truth to make it much easier and cheaper to connect with the right freelancer for the job.

Vlad Dobrynin, Founder and CEO of, said in the statement:

“Existing online platforms have pricey membership fees or high commission charges. Their search processes are time-consuming and complex payment systems create barriers and deter people from using them. 

“ turns this around and completely recreates how people work with one another and utilize services.”

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The blockchain solution will serve as a database for ‘DNA verification’ by cataloguing the skills and knowledge of each individual alongside verified credentials, references, and proof of work.

Through blockchain’s verifiable data validation, the platform offers a significant upgrade on the trustworthiness of the information it provides as well as cutting away the fat found on traditional platforms. said, “The DNA verification system will be used to cut out middleman service providers and time consuming background checks,” adding that the monetary benefits for users by avoiding commissions and membership fees will be considerable.


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