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IBM targets AI transparency with AI OpenScale

IBM introduces AI OpenScale to tackle transparency, acceleration, challenges, and biases within artificial acceleration adoption

IBM, the US-based technology firm, has announced the launch of its AI OpenScale service.

The offering aims to improve transparency and accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) adoption.

“For every successful implementation, there are many AI models that fail to make it out of the lab and into production,” the firm stated in a press release.

“At IBM, we understand the roadblocks to full AI adoption – from trust and transparency concerns with the ‘black box’ of AI, to problems of scale and automation – and we are working with enterprises to provide the tools needed to overcome these roadblocks and deliver real business value.”


The solution intends to provide explanations behind AI, such as the decisions within AI models, as well as detecting biases and addressing challenges.

The company are offering the IBM AI OpenScale within the IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Private.

“AI OpenScale allows businesses to operate and automate AI at scale, – irrespective of how the AI was built and where it runs.”

“Bridging the gap between the teams that operate AI and those that manage business applications, AI OpenScale provides businesses with confidence in AI decisions.”

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