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Kansai Electric Power to work with Accenture on AI, advanced analytics and IoT

Kansai Electric Power (KEPCO), one of Japan's leading utilities companies, has struck a groundbreaking new partnership with Accenture.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Accenture confirmed its plans to help KEPCO develop new business opportunities in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The joint venture, named K4 Digital, will see Accenture integrate rapidly evolving digital technologies into KEPCO’s core business processes, a process that has already started with KEPCO using digital technologies to drive operational efficiencies in certain areas, such as its use of smart metres.

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"Accenture is committed to using our deep knowledge and experience in the latest digital technologies and methodologies, including AI and advanced analytics, to help KEPCO not only transform business processes but also to turn business challenges into opportunities," said Shinji Igarashi, senior managing director at Accenture who leads the company’s Resources practice in Japan.

"K4 Digital will be at the core of KEPCO Group’s data utilisation platform, and Accenture will provide K4 Digital with advanced insights supported by the digital expertise based in our recently expanded Kansai office."

The joint ventures is 80% owned by KEPCO and 20 percent by Accenture, whose Applied Intelligence practice will play a pivotal role in bringing AI and data science expertise to KEPCO. The new company will start providing services for KEPCO on September 1st.

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