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Microsoft to invest $5bn in IoT over 48 months


Microsoft has pledged to investing $5bn into internet of things (IoT) research and development over the next four years in the aim of enhancing its platform to enable businesses to better utilise the technology and transform their operations with connected solutions.

Julia White, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure, cites a report from A T Kearney, predicting that IoT will lead to a $1.9tn productivity increase by 2020, reducing costs by $177bn.

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“It’s well understood that IoT solutions can create operational efficiencies, but we know the true impact extends well beyond that into our daily lives,” White said.

“We’ve been invested in IoT before the term was coined, when enterprises had these endpoints in their factories, buildings and other devices that were totally ‘dark’. Today, we’re planning to dedicate even more resources to research and innovation in IoT and what is ultimately evolving to be the new intelligent edge.”

Microsoft’s IoT platform has already been utilised by a number of leading brands including United Technologies and Chevron, enabling these firms to develop and launch new transformational products, services and solutions.

The investments will bolster Microsoft’s IoT capabilities across its cloud, operating systems and devices, making the technologies readily available to its customers via multiple channels.

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