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TechCode seeks to accelerate unicorn growth in China with new platform

TechCode launches Global Unicorn Center to attract promising startups and established unicorns to the Chinese market

Beijing-based startup incubator TechCode has unveiled a new platform for accelerating the growth of unicorns (US$1bn valued startups) and potential unicorn enterprises, the Global Unicorn Center (GUC).

In its press release, TechCode said that the platform, which leverages the firm’s considerable experience in the incubation and acceleration of innovative and tech startups around the world, is designed to attract promising firms and existing unicorns to China.

It defined its target enterprises as those with: the most innovative value, transformative value and investment value.

The platform will assist companies through their growth journeys, from entering the Chinese market to launching IPOs on China’s stock exchanges.


“Enterprises that intend to get listed on the science and technology innovation board in the coming 1-3 years are called high-growth enterprises by us,” said Luke Tang, Global CEO of TechCode, in the press release.

“In additional to funds, enterprises at this stage need services in many other aspects to realize business growth and rapidly meet the conditions for going public. 

“We initiate this unicorn center targeting such enterprises for providing them with soft services in engaging benchmark enterprises, attracting strategic and financial investors, recruiting talents, obtaining policy supports, etc."
Six enterprises fitting the bill are set to join the GUC from China, the US, Germany, France, Israel and South Korea, with their technologies including AI, IoT, Big Health and more.


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