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Uptake partners with Geotab to manage fleets with artificial intelligence

Uptake and Geotab design AI fleet management

The industrial artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) software firm, Uptake, has parterned with the fleet telematics provider, Geotab.

The firms have launched a project targeting fleet management – aiming to incorporate AI technology into fleet operations.

Fleet managers have previously used telematics to monitor their fleets, but the new AI-based technology developed by the companies will be able to predict failures in fleets before they happen.

“For the first time, fleets can go beyond basic monitoring to proactively predict and prevent breakdowns,” remarked Hoyoung Pak, Head of Transportation and Logistics at Uptake.


“Pairing Geotab’s capabilities to effectively access and rapidly transmit sensor data with Uptake’s ability to turn massive amounts of data into actionable insights leads to undisputed outcomes.”

“Those can include reduced fuel cost, decreased unplanned maintenance and increased fleet productivity. The market has been asking for this for a long time.”

Geotab has provided hardware for the collaboration, whilst Uptake is contributing its AI software.

“Uptake’s ability to predict equipment failures with an incredibly high level of precision, even down to the sub-component level, has not been possible before in this industry,” commented Scott Sutarik, Associate Vice President of Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Geotab.

“By aligning with Uptake, Geotab customers can access a new level of detailed, actionable data to help prevent unplanned downtime, improve their bottom line and stay competitive.”

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