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Voice assistants to become revolutionary in consumer spending

Voice assistant

According to a new study from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute, voice assistants are likely to become a leading commerce platform in which businesses are able to connect with customers.

Capgemini conducted research with more than 5,000 consumers across the UK, US, Germany and France, finding that voice assistants are set to become more readily used by consumers.

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Currently, 24% of those surveyed stated that they would prefer to use a voice assistant than a website. However, the report predicts that within just three years this may rise to 40%. Further, 20% of people said they would prefer to use a voice assistant than visit a shop, with this expected to increase to 31% over the same time frame.

“Voice assistants will completely revolutionize how brands and consumers interact with each other,” said Mark Taylor, CEO of Digital Customer Experience, Capgemini. “What makes voice assistants so exciting is that they are woven into the fabric of our lives, offering a simplicity and richness of interaction that consumers have never experienced before.”

With these figures in mind, the report cites that spending using voice assistants could increase six-fold to 18% of total consumer expenditure amongst voice assistant users by 2021.

“Brands that are able to capitalize on the huge consumer appetite around voice assistants will not only build closer relationships with their customers, but create significant growth opportunities for themselves,” Taylor concludes.

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