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AAR launches new innovation practice after publication of landmark study

AAR is launching its own innovation consultancy practice off the back of a landmark new study into the corporate innovation landscape.

Its report, titled Navigating the Corporate Innovation Partner Landscape, was based on a series of interviews with innovation leads from a range of different organisations and has uncovered a number of key trends.

Conclusions the management consultancy have drawn include the fact that businesses in every sector now see innovation as 'an imperative function' for survival, while innovation expertise is becoming more prevalent as business processes grow more sophisticated.

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AAR advises firms to consider multiple factors when entering a partner selection process, including its alignment with the partner's model. In response to the findings, AAR is creating its own practice which will help businesses navigate the complex partner landscape.

"We’re excited to launch our new innovation practice, to help clients navigate the diverse and complex innovation partner marketplace," said Kerry Glazer, AAR CEO. "So many brands are facing disruption in their markets and it’s essential for them to find the right partners to help them innovate."

Robin Charney, Director, Digital and Innovation, AAR, added: "Our research shows that the innovation landscape is more sophisticated, vibrant and diverse than ever before. Businesses have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to selecting an innovation partner, and this report aims to provide a high-level roadmap for companies who want to make smarter choices when looking at the innovation marketplace."

To read AAR's study in full, click here.


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