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Equifax CSO and CIO leave after widespread data breach

Equifax suffered a massive data breach in July but waited more than a month to reveal it

Equifax has announced that two top executives have left the company following the data breach that exposed the Social Security numbers of around 143 million people.

Susan Mauldin, Chief Security Officer, and David Webb, Chief Information Officer, have both retired with immediate effect as announced by a statement after Equifax's share price continue to plummet.

Having held steady at around $140 since April, it then hit $123 the day after the news that they had suffered a data breach was revealed, over a month after it happened.


Now, trading down at $92, Equifax has replaced two senior executives after one of the biggest cyberattacks in history.

Mark Rohrwasser, previously leader of its international information technology operations, takes over as interim CIO, whilst Russ Ayres assumes the position of interim CSO.

Around 209,000 customers had their credit card information leaked during the hack, whilst Equifax then received criticism for their inability to deal with the situation, with a customer service website being labelled "broken" and a "scam."

US Congress is currently looking into the issues, with 24 members writing: "[Equifax] should take seriously its responsibility to keep data safe and to inform consumers when its protections fail."


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