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Equinix set to build new data centre in Helsinki to support digital transformation

Equinix's new $20mn data centre will enable Finnish firms to leverage enhanced interconnection and colocation amidst digital transformation initiatives

California-based multinational private data exchange (interconnection) and data centre firm Equinix has announced that it will construct a new facility in Helsinki, Finland

The new International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre, known as HE7, is set to enable enhanced interconnection and colocation capabilities for businesses undergoing digital transformations.

Equinix said in its press release that HE7 will open in Q2 2019 and will cost around US$20mn to construct, adding that Helsinki’s access to Europe’s strong data infrastructure was a deciding factor in the location selection process.

"Many of Equinix's local customers in Helsinki are looking to grow their presence as they require interconnection to cloud and SaaS providers to support IT transformation goals,” said Sami Holopainen, Managing Director of Equinix Finland, in the firm’s statement.

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“As these businesses consider their options they realize the value of a future-proof environment for their digital journey. Platform Equinix is more than 200 data centers – it is a platform for innovation."

HE7 will use 100% green energy, the statement said, as it drives direct, secure, and dynamic interconnection to more than 1,300 businesses through the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Platform Equinix, the blanket name for the firm’s global data centre network, is made up of 200 data centre facilities across 52 markets.


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