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Huawei signs up for Open Compute Project championing open source hardware for data centers

Huawei joins Open Compute Project as platinum member, bolsters efforts for open data center hardware development and collaborative digital transformation

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP), founded by Facebook in 2011, announced in a statement on 1 October that Chinese tech firm Huawei has joined the initiative as a platinum member

Working to champion the benefits of open source hardware and the accelerated pace of innovation that it enables in and around data center operations, OCP “has been consistently innovating around open source contributions for networking servers, storage and Open Rack” by serving as a nexus for companies to share data center plans, products, and ideas.

Bill Carter, chief technology officer of OCP, said:

“Huawei becomes the 5th company from China to join the Open Compute Project.”

“Being a leading provider in China’s domestic market, Huawei will play an important role in the adoption of open and efficient cloud hardware around the globe, and can help us to build a collaborative community across China.”

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Huawei serves over a third of the world’s population and employees 170,000 members of staff. Its responsible and innovative approach to open collaboration is compounded by its extensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions across telecommunications, IoT devices, cloud technology, and enterprise networks.

“The ever growing application of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence increases the demand for computing resources in the data center and edge computing scenarios,” said Qiu Long, president of the Intelligent Computing Product Line at Huawei.

“Huawei’s intelligent computing products, which incorporate Huawei’s chip, acceleration components and intelligent management, together with innovative optimized system design, can deliver end-to-end solutions which significantly improves the rollout and operation efficiency of data centers and edge computing for a single node and/or cabinet deployment.”

Huawei is due to announce its AI strategy and full-stack solutions for all scenarios at Huawei Connect 2018 in Shanghai this month. The event serves as a forum for organizations to share new ideas and data intelligence through open, flexible, and state-of-the-art digital platforms.

Other firms to have joined the Open Compute Project include Google, IBM, Intel, Dell, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Lenovo, and Alibaba.

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