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LG CNS launches new smart city platform

Smart city

LG CNS, an IT services subsidiary of South Korean electronic company LG, has launched its new smart city platform, Cityhub.

Cityhub will primarily look to collect data through the IoT sphere, then analysing this using the company’s artificial intelligence engines in the aim of providing real time information to enhance real world smart city scenarios, such as easing traffic congestion.

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The platform will collect this data from IoT sensors attached to vehicles, buildings, transportation infrastructure and street lights, providing 98 leading industries including manufacturing, logistics and distribution with crucial analytics capabilities.

Doing so, LG CNS hopes that the technology will help to monitor and manage a selection of IoT-powered services, improving issues surrounding transportation, energy, safety and distribution.

The launch of Cityhub comes shortly after LG CNS’ unveil of INFioT – an alternative IoT platform that aims to support the development of home IoT, connected, smart factory and smart city solutions through data collection, delivery and storage.

Cityhub has already won orders from Jeju Island and Haenam to lead the cities’ smart city initiatives.

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