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SAP announces new technology to eliminate plastics and decrease waste

The Germany-based software giant, SAP, has announced it is collecting existing and live data from across the plastic supply chain in a bid to develop new approaches for tackling single-use plastics and decreasing waste, Business Green reports.

In an effort to allow consumers to understand the impact of their own plastic consumption, the technology, which is named Plastics Cloud, will see the data being shared with consumers.

It is believed by Jens Amail, SAP managing director for the UK and Ireland, that Plastics Cloud was designed to find a more efficient method of utilising data to help solve the issue of plastic waste.

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“There's so much information being generated within the plastics supply chain but there's no single source of access for that information,” said Mr Amail.

Having been unveiled at the London Design Festival earlier in the week, the project was inspired by SAP research who found that consumers and businesses require clarification on the different types of plastics that can and cannot be recycled.

In addition, SAP has also become a member of the UK Plastics Pact in a joint venture with government agencies, NGOs, local authorities and businesses that will see all entities work together to enhance plastic packaging and decrease its impact on the environment.

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