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Telstra launches new IoT location products for enterprise customers

Telstra is stepping up its work in the Internet of Things (IoT) with the launch of new location products for enterprise customers.

'Location of Things', which will also be made available to small businesses and consumers, will help customers keep track of their valuables, for examples business assets such as hardware and vehicles.

The announcement follows Telstra’s deployment of Cat-M1 and Narrowband IoT technology on its mobile network over the past 12 months, and June T22 strategy update, which highlighted Telstra’s plan to deliver the next generation of connected experiences for customers.

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"We’ve already deployed the most advanced IoT technology on our mobile network, we’re now focused on harnessing IoT technology to introduce services that make customers’ connected lives easier," said Michele Garra, Telstra Head of Innovation & Strategy.

"Telstra’s new Location of Things products use connected technology to solve everyday problems for Australians - from families and local businesses through to our country’s largest enterprises."

Telstra is also working with a number of large organisations to trial its new Track and Monitor solution for enterprise customers, which will be available from October.

"As low powered network technology evolves, we are seeing customers looking to introduce and expand their asset tracking capability, far beyond current fleet tracking, to a whole range of items such as equipment, pallets and packages in mass volumes," Garra added.

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