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Thales launches Digital Business Unit

Digital transformation

Thales, a global technology leader for the aerospace, transport, defence and security markets, has announced that it will be regrouping its digital assets under a new Digital Business Unit, beginning 1 January 2018.

The unit will group the Thales Digital Factory, responsible for the company’s development of new digital products; Thales eSecurity, a world leading cybersecurity and data protection service; Guavus, specialising in big data analytics; and the company’s future Centre of Research and Technology in Artificial Intelligence expertise (CortAix).

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With a variety of leading brands across a multitude of sectors being housed under the same unit, Thales will be readily positioned to accelerate digital transformation across a range of advanced technology sectors.

This will enable Thales to support its customers – a venture that the company has already invested more than €1 into over the past three years, with a focus on key technologies including the internet of things (IoT), big data, AI and Cybersecurity.

David Jones has been appointed as the Senior Vice President, Digital Business Unit, Thales, to spearhead the new initiative, alongside the leadership team of its existing digital asset groups.

This includes Olivier Flous as the Vice President of Digital Transformation & Digital Factory, Cindy Provin as the CEO of Thales eSecurity, and Faizel Lakhani as the CEO of Guavus.

Thales reported sales of €14.9 billion in 2016, with over 64,000 employees across 56 countries.


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