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Toshiba: 76% of European companies are set to increase their IT budgets this year

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Multinational technology conglomerate Toshiba has conducted new research revealing that 76% of enterprises across Europe have or plan to expand their IT and technology budgets this year.

The Maximising mobility: Navigating the future IT landscape report, conducted in partnership with Walnut Unlimited, revealed that the raised investment will be focused on a range of areas including data security (62%), cloud solutions (58%) and improving productivity using technology (54%).

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With the leading area of investment being data security, Toshiba states that mobile working arrangements are a significant factor driving this. Toshiba found that at least 10% of employees at the enterprises surveyed work in no fixed location due to flexible working arrangements, travelling, and other. As a result of this, combined with rising cybercrime, data security has become an increasing issue and concern.

Further, investments into new technologies are also being driven by remote workers in order to ensure productivity is maintained from across the globe.

“Organisations are continuing to balance how best to achieve the perfect blend of unhindered mobile productivity, while being protected by a robustly secure IT infrastructure,” said Maki Yamashita, Vice President, B2B PC, Toshiba Europe.

“New solutions coming into the enterprise are helping to achieve this, but IT teams need to focus on the varying challenges and benefits for their individual sectors when determining how best to make these solutions work for their business.”

The findings came from a survey of over 1,000 senior IT decision makers at medium and large organisations across Europe. For more information see the full Maximising mobility: Navigating the future IT landscape report.

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