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Visionaries, explorers and watchers - Infosys examines digital thinking at global enterprises

New research from Infosys has demonstrated that less than a quarter of global businesses are thinking like digital natives.

'The New Champions of Digital Disruption: Incumbent Organisations' - the latest global study published by the technology services leader - highlights that only a small number of organisations see digital 'at the heart of true transformation'.

Infosys divided survey respondents into three groups based on the business objectives behind their digital transformation initiatives: Visionaries (22%), Explorers (50%) and Watchers (28%).

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'Visionaries' are defined as leaders who see the potential of digital to completely revolutionise their business, while 'Explorers' - exactly half of those involved in the research - see customer experience as the driver for change. 'Watchers' are those who enforce digital change for solely reasons of efficiency.

According to Infosys, while 'Watchers' and 'Explorers' are primarily focusing on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and 3D printing for digital transformation initiatives, 'Visionaries' are also looking at core areas such as mainframe and ERP modernisation.

When ranking barriers on the path to digitisation, building digital skill sets was found to be the most prevalent (54%) challenge for organisations, highlighting the lack of digital skill set available.

Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Infosys, said: "Navigating the digital disruption requires companies to drive a holistic approach to transformation and foster a digital culture that brings together leadership commitment and a renewed approach to skill building."


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