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Amcor launches cloud operations in partnership with Orange Business Services

Amcor launches cloud services via Orange Business Services, maximising communications efficiency worldwide as part of digital transformation

Melbourne-based global packing company Amcor has launched its hybrid cloud services via Orange Business Services to serve as a medium for its worldwide infrastructure, hosting its business applications and appliances

Amcor said in its press release that the cloud will streamline a wealth of its operations, and enhance communication and collaboration between employees and stakeholders in over 40 countries worldwide.

Merging Amcor’s private cloud managed infrastructure and its global public cloud services was a specific requirement for Amcor’s selection of provider.

“It’s always a challenge to find IT solutions that fit your particular requirements and so finding a partner with a proven track record is a real win for Amcor,” said Joel Ranchin, Amcor’s vice president of group IT.

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Amcor’s public cloud services will be operated through Orange Business Services’ Flexible Engine platform, itself based on Openstack technology. The firm added that it is also subscribed to Orange’s Flexible Engine Services for the management of operating systems and databases, and for hosting IT infrastructure programs across each region.

Fabrice de Windt, Orange Business Services’ senior VP of Europe, said:

“It is critical for many global companies to integrate private and public cloud solutions and to do so seamlessly throughout their organization.

“Putting everything on the same infrastructure enables enterprises like Amcor to seamlessly connect all of their systems across all of their regions securely and efficiently. Our Flexible Engine is the glue that ties everything together.” 

Amcor expects the hybrid cloud service to significantly increase intra-company efficiency whilst simultaneously mitigating costs.

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