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Apple, Cisco, Allianz, Aon now offering cybersecurity insurance

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Leading US technology firms Apple and Cisco have teamed up with Allianz and Aon to now offer cybersecurity insurance policies to companies, protecting them financially against cyber attacks.

The collaboration takes cyber resilience evaluation services from Aon, secure technology from Cisco and Apple, and insurance coverage from Allianz. 

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Cybersecurity is becoming a key concern for businesses, with the number and cost of attacks having increased substantially throughout 2017. 

According to a report from Sophos, the average cost of ransomware attacks on mid-sized businesses stood at $133,000 in 2017, with 54% of businesses having been hit by attacks last year.

“Ransomware is an evolving risk that impacts every level of an enterprise," said Jason Hogg, CEO, Aon Cyber Solutions. "Organizations urgently need to be managing these risks from both the technical and the financial perspective."

With this in mind, Apple, Cisco, Allianz and Aon are now offering a new alternative in order to effectively deal with the harsh consequences of cyber attacks.

“Proactive analysis coupled with the latest technology creates an ideal defense against today’s ever-changing ransomware and malware attacks,” said Bill Scaldaferri, President and CEO, AGCS North America. 

“This strategic alliance with Aon, Apple and Cisco allows us to provide a unique solution to companies using this integrated platform to manage risk and ultimately strengthen their battle against high-profile threats.”


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