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AWS set to announce healthcare partnership with Cerner

Healthcare technology

According to CNBC, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is set to announce a partnership with healthcare technology solutions firm Cerner at its annual event next week, held in Los Angeles.

The reported announcement that apparently will be made at AWS re:Invent could be the breakthrough that Amazon has needed in order to expand more readily into healthcare, with the industry having been slower than most to adopt cloud computing.

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Sources have said that whilst the talks are still ongoing, it seems that the partnership will primarily focus on Cerner’s HealtheIntent, a product that enables hospitals to lower costs and improve treatment outcomes by using big data analytics.

The partnership, should it go ahead, will signify Amazon continually attempting to expand and diversify its cloud services unit. With stiff competition coming from the likes of Microsoft and Intel in one of the fastest growing technology-based industries, Amazon is doing so in an attempt to become the leading global cloud provider.

The reveal from CNBC comes just days after AWS announced an expansion of its partnership with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), having launched AWS Secret Region – a cloud platform specifically designed to host sensitive software and data.

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