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Blockchain specialist Liquefy partners with Infinity Group to revolutionise cross-border JV model

Blockchain specialist Liquefy secures partnership with Infinity Group, an investment fund with over US$1.5bn in assets, and Innonation to provide blockchain-based digitalisation services across managed assets and cross-border joint ventures

Blockchain specialist Liquefy has secured a partnership with Infinity Group, a Chinese-Israeli-American investment fund with over US$1.5bn, and Innonation which itself fosters strong cross border relationships between Chinese and Israeli firms.

Liquefy’s blockchain-based digitalisation platform will be leveraged through the partnerships to digitalise a range of asset classes under the fund’s management, enabling issuers to raise funds with greater speed, ease and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, the digitalisation of these assets, including real estate, private firms, commodities, and funds, will boost the liquidity for investors as well as making the assets more attractive to prospective investors, Liquefy said in its press release.

Application of Liquefy's blockchain solution will also enable Israeli companies to penetrate Chinese markets through a new JV model which increases ease of transactions and transparency for all stakeholders.


"We foresee many potential use cases for digitization and are excited to explore the joint venture structure as a form of market entry into China" said Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy, in the firm’s statement.

"Partnering with Infinity Group and Innonation gives us greater access to both the Greater China Region and Israel, the regional technology hub, and provides the opportunity for Israeli technology companies to incentivize domestic Chinese companies, unlocking liquidity, and obtaining funding from the Greater China region. 

“We see this as a symbiotic partnership which can be fruitful for all parties over many years to come.”

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