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Business leaders are becoming increasingly reliant upon cloud communications

Cloud computing

In the age of digital transformation, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on and are investing more heavily in emerging technologies in order facilitate further growth.

TeleSign, a communications platform specialist, has released its report named Customers Communications report: how businesses use cloud communications to fuel growth, whereby 500 customer communications stakeholders were surveyed.

The study reveals key insights into how cloud communications are being viewed as a fundamental part of this digital transformation.

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“We believe business survival is tied to the ability to engage customers in delightful experiences where, when, and how they want to be reached,” said Aled Miles, CEO of TeleSign.

Within the report, TeleSigns cites from its own studies that 87% of business leaders say that their company’s success depends on the ability to connect with customers via cloud communications.

Firms are seeing a multitude of benefits offered by cloud communications, with 65% recognising an improvement in their customer service, 59% benefitting from improved communications and higher customer satisfaction, whilst 46% surveyed stated that use of cloud communications has resulted in better sales.

“The findings are conclusive that businesses using cloud communications to engage customers are seeing higher customer satisfaction and exceeding financial objectives,” Miles continued.

As many as 99% of businesses classify themselves as undergoing digital transformation, with 64% still struggling to meet the demands of real time communications, and 60% failing to meet customer expectations of 24/7 communication availability.

However, with the current levels of emphasis placed on digital transformation, cloud communications adoption is expected to reach 80% by 2020 according to TeleSign.

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