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Capgemini: 46% of firms are refraining from innovating due to cybersecurity fears


A new report from leading consulting corporation Capgemini has revealed that nearly half of enterprises are concerned about updating their IT networks with new technologies due to cybersecurity fears.

The fears of moving to the cloud and automating IT infrastructure stand amongst both fast movers and those lagging behind in digital transformation, despite the proven operational and financial benefits of utilising tried and tested advanced technologies.

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“IT leaders face considerable pressure from CEOs and boards to ensure that technology initiatives do not introduce new vulnerabilities,” Capgemini states in The Automation Advantage report. “In the survey, both fast movers and followers cite security concerns as their number-one automation challenge.”

The results of the survey of 415 IT leaders across large, established companies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific reflect that 27% have security concerns, whilst 19% are worried about data privacy, accounting for almost half of all respondents.

A remaining 16% are reluctant to implement new technologies due to being resistant to change, whilst a further 16% of companies outsource the management of their IT systems.

However, despite these statistics, other companies see enhanced cybersecurity as a motivation for automation, and many of those that have embraced the cloud have seen improvements to their cybersecurity networks as opposed to compromising them.

For more information, see the full Automation Advantage report from Capgemini.

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