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Fiat Chrysler selects Google and Samsung to develop connected vehicles

Cloud and IoT will connect Fiat Chrysler vehicles for the smart cities of the future.

Automotive manufacturer Fiat Chrysler has partnered with technology giants Google and Samsung to improve vehicle connectivity.

By 2022, the company aims to have all its vehicles connected, to facilitate a number of features from music to autonomous driving.

Google’s Android operating system will be used to unite all of Fiat Chrysler’s vehicles across the world. The first phase of development will see some of the technology rolled out in new vehicles by the end of the year.


4G mobile internet connectivity will be used, with the goal of eventually implementing 5G.

In terms of Samsung’s offering, the technology behemoth’s cloud business Harman will offer its services, while Samsung’s IoT platform SmartThings will also be used.

Partnering with Samsung and Google will ensure Fiat Chrysler is truly ready for the smart cities of the future, with the company stating that the connected tech will enable drivers to locate fuel and charging stations, be aware of traffic issues and even find restaurant offers.

It’s also hoped that the initiative will make it easier to maintain vehicles, as any issues will be detected, and even predicted, by the smart tech.


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