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Huawei to integrate Open Rack across data centres to drive energy efficiency

Huawei to incorporate Open Rack into its public cloud data centres to drive sustainability and efficiency

Chinese tech and communications giant Huawei has announced that it will adopt the Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack solution across its global network of public cloud data centres, driving environmental sustainability and enhancing efficiency.

Open Rack is the first rack standard designed specifically for data centres and is integrable with each data centre’s existing infrastructure, benefitting facilities by increasing energy efficiency in the scale computer space as well as reducing the time required to install and maintain racks.

Through these benefits, Open Rack also stands to reduce the total cost of ownership of data centres that adopt the solution.

Huawei joins Facebook, Google and Microsoft in utilising Open Rack.

“Huawei’s engineering and business leaders recognized the efficiency and flexibility that Open Rack offers, and the support that is available from a global supplier base,” said sBill Carter, Chief Technology Officer for OCP, in Huawei’s statement. 


“Providing cloud services to a global customer base creates certain challenges. The flexibility of the Open Rack specification and the ability to adapt for liquid cooling allows Huawei to service new geographies. Huawei’s decision to choose Open Rack is a great endorsement!” 

“Huawei’s strategic investment and commitment to OCP is a win-win,” added Kenneth Zhang, General Manager of FusionServer, Huawei Intelligent Computing Business Department. 

“Combining Huawei’s extensive experience in Telco and Cloud deployments together with the knowledge of the vast OCP community will help Huawei to provide cutting edge, flexible and open solutions to its global customers. 

“In turn, Huawei can leverage its market leadership and global data centre infrastructure to help introduce OCP to new geographies and new market segments worldwide.”

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