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Huawei joins with Cloud Security Alliance to provide guidance for cloud customers

Huawei joins the Cloud Security Alliance to provide cloud customers with detailed, straightforward guidance on developing secure cloud systems

Huawei announced on 29 October that it has partnered with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to produce guidelines on best practice for the design, deployment, and operation of secure cloud services

The firm’s statement noted that security remains a top concern for enterprises worldwide who are seeking to deploy services on cloud platforms.

It said that, in spite of cloud service providers’ (CSPs) success had thus far in terms of providing secure, cloud customers remain underserved when it comes to guidance on securing their own cloud initiatives.

“The availability of such guidelines can be especially helpful for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that constantly face shortages of professional security manpower,” the statement said.

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Huawei and the CSA Cloud Security Service Management (CSSM) Working Group (WG) have joined forces to cater to this need, and have produced the “Guideline on Effectively Managing Security Service in the Cloud” which is applicable to a range of cloud deployment models.

Focusing primarily on Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS models, the Guideline offers straightforward help for cloud customers seeking to design, deploy and operate secure cloud operations.

The statement said:

“With a distinct separation of responsibilities, cloud customers can clearly understand security responsibilities of their own and of CSPs, what security assurance features should be provided to bear these security responsibilities, existing gaps, and how to develop related capabilities to address such gaps.”

The Guideline also provides guidance for CSPs in developing cloud platform security assurance systems that run smoothly alongside integrated systems. 

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