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IBM to improve its cloud-based data responsibility


With an increasing number of firms looking to digitise their operations, IBM has recognised the need to maintain a high level of data responsibility in line with this digital growth, resulting in the technology giant rolling out a new support model and capabilities for IBM Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany.

According to the European Commission, the data economy in the EU is expected to reach €739bn by 2020.

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However, a side effect of this growth is that concerns over data protection and cybersecurity have increased drastically in recent times.

This is down to both an increasing emphasis having been put upon them by authorities including the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as a number of big name companies having suffered data hacks including Equifax and Yahoo.

In an aim to combat the threat of this, IBM’s new data responsibility will both further ensure that access to sensitive data is restricted, in addition to providing clients with a greater control over the transparency of where their data is held.

“IBM’s commitment to data responsibility and the added controls in the IBM Cloud in Europe allow us to trust IBM to protect our most valuable data,” says Patrick Palacin, Co-founder and CTO of TeleClinic, a firm that provides security-rich telemedicine services to patients throughout Germany.

“Our patient and caregiver information is highly sensitive and additional capabilities to ensure data residency, security and privacy mean the IBM Cloud is the innovation platform we trust.”

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