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Salesforce and Google to partner on cloud services


With a number big name technology firms having put significant emphasis on their cloud services of late, Google and Salesforce have announced the most recent industry development with their new partnership.

The collaboration will see Google’s office software suite, G Suite, integrated into Salesforce’s core platform, whilst Google Analytics will also be integrated into Salesforce’s marketing software.

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By connecting Salesforce with G Suite, the integration will be available across Google’s Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Hangouts Meet platforms, enabling companies to locate intelligence from Salesforce directly through the platforms.

Further, Salesforce will use the Google Cloud Platform for its core services as it looks to expand and transform its international digital infrastructure.

The integration of Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and G Suite will be the only cloud-native collaboration of its kind, with the aim of advancing the position of both firms through the benefits that will be brought to consumers.

In an attempt to market the joint venture, Google is offering eligible Salesforce customers a one-year-no-charge opportunity to use G Suite, in the hope that firms will realise the productivity gains that the solutions will offer.

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