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Shining The Spotlight On Confluent

We take a closer look into Confluent, a tech startup who was featured in our list of the top ten technology startups.

Confluent, founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®, pioneered the enterprise-ready event streaming platform. With Confluent, organizations benefit from the first event streaming platform built for the enterprise with the ease-of-use, scalability, security and flexibility required by the most discerning global companies to run their business in real-time. Companies leading their respective industries have realized success with this new platform paradigm to transform their architectures to streaming from batch processing, spanning on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Backed by Benchmark, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital, Confluent is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. and London with offices globally. 

Benefits of its products:

  • Unrestricted developer productivity - Democratize Kafka for a wider range of developers and accelerate how fast they build event streaming applications.

  • Efficient operations at scale - Minimize operational complexity while ensuring high performance and scalability as event streaming grows through your organization.

  • Production-stage prerequisites - Architect the platform with the foundational enterprise-level attributes needed to implement event streaming in production.

  • Freedom of choice - Deploy on-premises, in public or hybrid cloud, from bare-metal to Kubernetes, or leverage a fully managed cloud service with Confluent Cloud

  • Committer-driven expertise - Leverage the world’s foremost Kafka experts, who work directly with Kafka committers to assist you throughout the application development lifecycle.

Confluent has recently been valued at $4.5billion after recent funding. Following the announcement of the funding, the company launched Confluent Cloud, its Kafka-based cloud-native data streaming ingestion platform on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“We’ve seen incredible adoption in companies big and small whether it be accelerating drug discovery and treatments with KSQL or collecting data streams from power tools as part of a new Internet of Things capabilities and business lines,” Confluent Chief Executive Jay Kreps (pictured) said in the announcement. “We saw our cloud revenue grow over 450% in the last year, and are now managing over 4,500 Kafka clusters in Confluent Cloud.”


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