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New Wireless Networking Technologies for IoT
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New Wireless Networking Technologies for IoT
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When selecting IoT networking technologies there are lots of variables to consider including power consumption, bandwidth, latency or the quality of the service. CIOs should be on the lookout for new IoT networking technologies which offer choice and flexibility. For example, Martin Jones, managing director at LAN3, highlights how the new Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax, will allow for a diversity of connected devices and a smooth user experience. “The changes that this new standard brings will completely revolutionise the way Wi-Fi networks work by leveraging technology which will dramatically improve capacity, provide better coverage, and even reduce congestion,” he says. “All of this will allow a far superior user experience – it is Wi-Fi for the modern world. This new standard will be perfect for enabling IoT as it offers the necessary data rate, range, power consumption, security and scale. Its new features will make Wi-Fi far more attractive choice for connecting IoT devices in the enterprise.”


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