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Accenture makes interoperability breakthrough for blockchain ecosystems

Accenture enables blockchain interoperability with two new solutions

Accenture announced on 22 October that it has successfully developed and tested two solutions that enable two or more blockchain systems to integrate with each other

By producing solutions that enable interoperability between different distributed ledger technology (DLT) ecosystems, Accenture has opened another door to widespread DLT adoption.

Interoperability has become a critical issue in terms of the viability of blockchain entering the mainstream, as there will inevitably be multiple DLT platforms that become popular in the market. 

By providing a solution that allows for different systems to integrate with each other, Accenture has taken a big step towards quelling fears that a firm may not be investing in the “right” DLT platform, or that the challenge of connecting different platforms together may ultimately lead to roadblocks and is therefore too risky to pursue.

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David Treat, Accenture’s managing director, said:

“This is a game-changer that can help accelerate adoption of blockchain technology. 

“The key challenge was to develop the ability to integrate without introducing ‘operational messaging’ between distributed ledger technology platforms in order to stay true to the principles and benefits of blockchain technology.” 

“Applying this capability with our clients is already unlocking new opportunities to bring ecosystems together, mitigating key concerns about picking the ‘wrong’ platform or having to re-build if one partner uses something different.”

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