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Mastercard unveils enhancements to its biometric bank cards


Leading multinational financial services company Mastercard has updated its biometric bank card technology, allowing customers to register their fingerprints remotely.

“Making life safer and simpler for consumers is the cornerstone of our efforts around biometrics and comes through the use of some incredibly sophisticated technology,” said Bob Reany, Executive Vice President of Identity Solutions at Mastercard. “People love the security our biometric card delivers because we put their needs first.”

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Mastercard became the first company to introduce biometric bank cards in 2017, combining fingerprints with chip technology to securely verify the identity of cardholders, enhancing financial security.

When paying in card readers across the globe, the fingerprint is verified against the template, then allowing the transaction to be approved.

“The card draws power from the payment terminal so it can be used anywhere, we use a flexible biometric scanner so it’s more durable, and now we have a sleeve to register fingerprints so people don’t have to make a trip to a bank branch,” Reany continued.

The introduction of remote authentication alongside these bank cards continues Mastercard’s strategy of offering better financial security by removing traditional bank cards, instead recognising people by who they are, set as with fingerprint of facial recognition technology.

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