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MIPI Alliance interfaces are ready for 5G

MIPI Alliance releases whitepaper detailing 5G-ready specifications

Interface specification developer MIPI Alliance has released a whitepaper detailing how its key specifications meet 5G bandwidth, performance, and feature requirements

The interfaces enable a range of device functions, such as the connection of application processors to cameras and displays, and 5G smartphone front ends to modems.

In its press statement, MIPI noted that its interfaces are in use across myriad industries.

“Virtually all 4G smartphones – along with many tablets, connected cars and Internet of Things (IoT) devices – use at least one MIPI interface,” the firm said.

This ubiquitous element of MIPI specifications means the firm expects wide adoption within 5G products as part of a natural progression for systems designers and application developers.

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MIPI said that its storage access interfaces provide the necessary bandwidth for the demanding data flows of 5G, whilst simultaneously prioritising power-efficiency to maximise device battery life.

It added that 5G is inherently at risk of electromagnetic inference as a result of its use of considerably more spectrum bands than 3G and 4G, but reassures clients that its specifications meet strict industry EMI requirements and mitigate this issue as far as possible.

Joel Huloux, chairman of MIPI Alliance, said in the statement:

“Smartphone manufacturers, IoT developers and automakers already rely on MIPI’s highly regarded interfaces for their devices, and that broad, deep adoption greatly helps to enable the transition to 5G for the entire ecosystem.

“MIPI’s specifications are already ahead of the curve, which puts our member companies in an ideal position to capitalize on the enormous opportunities 5G offers.”

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