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Dell and AT&T partner on 5G infrastructure innovations

One avenue of exploration for Dell and AT&T is the use of 5G alongside edge computing

Dell and AT&T have announced a partnership to explore innovations in the 5G space.

One avenue of exploration is the use of 5G alongside edge computing, where computations are moved closer to the end user, thus reducing latency.

“Dell Technologies is working closely with AT&T to combine our joint telco industry best practices with decades of data center transformation experience to help service providers quickly roll out new breeds of experiential Edge and 5G services,” said Kevin Shatzkamer, vice president, Dell EMC Service Provider Solutions. “As the world leader in servers, storage and personal computers, Dell’s world class supply chain is best positioned to deliver the cost structure, predictability and access to emerging infrastructure technologies required to enable the transition to a more open, disaggregated mobile network.”   


The two companies said that they would implement an open infrastructure in their networks via the use open source technology such as Airship.

“Dell Technologies addition to the Airship community reaffirms the industry’s growing trust and investment in the open infrastructure model,” said Amy Wheelus, vice president, AT&T Network Cloud. “This collaboration will not only enable us to accelerate the AT&T Network Cloud on the Dell Technologies infrastructure, but also further the broader community goal of making it as simple as possible for operators to deploy and manage open infrastructure in support of SDN and other workloads.”


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